Fiji Welcomes Cathy!!


Bula Vinaka!!

Children, meet Alaska!

Children, meet Alaska!

Fijian Beauty.

Fijian Beauty

Just after Jared departed I welcomed Mom to Fiji, which was a wonderful way to continue our journey, as a family. After a long trip she was warmly greeted with a genuine “welcome home Cathy”, but it was walk to the beach under the hot sun that helped her feel the heartbeat of island life…slow and steady. She swooned over every last detail of the fundraiser and I lapped it up, grateful, but not shocked that Seward rallied and made BIG things happen. To everyone that donated money, items for the silent auction, precious time & resources, Vinaka! To Dan & Lori owners of Chinooks Restaurant (incredible & innovative restaurant in Seward AK) your generosity has wowed so many on multiple occasions and we truly cannot thank you enough…VINAKA VAKALEVU!! Our hometown of Seward, Alaska may be small, but it has a huge heart. So again, thank you to everyone for being a part of our journey, you have helped so many people and we are all forever grateful.

Dan & Lori, Owners of Chinook's Restaurant, Thank You!

Dan & Lori, Owners of Chinook’s Restaurant, Vinaka!

Aerobics class!

Aerobics class!

Watching mom (Cathy) experience Fiji was special; it’s as if I was seeing it through her eyes, different than my own, fresh. Each experience was new & I got to be a part of it. We donated new exercise books (notebooks) to 131 children in a rural village school, many of which struggle to afford these. Mom read books about Alaska to different schools, explored new games at the Savusavu special needs school, taught many about the importance of diet & exercise and taught women’s aerobics classes, which was the biggest hit of all! Although watching mom calm a crying toddler on a bus full of people, then win her trust so much so she crawled in her lap and wanted nothing to do with her Grandpa, just may have been the highlight of our week in Fiji together.

Momta & Maria, sweetest girls.

Momta & Maria, sweet girls.

Aerobics class!

Aerobics class!

Our adventures reached rural villages as well as people close to home, we saw things that frustrated us and things that filled our hearts with joy. We laughed and learned together and although our time was short I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work so closely with my mom, doing what we love.


Vinaka Vakalevu for making this possible, for ALL of us,

Jasmine, Jared & the JACARA Team


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