Happy Easter From Uganda!

Dear Readers…

It is Easter morning here in Uganda and the children patiently await their first ever, Easter egg hunt! Although that’s not the only event we will share together. Today is our last day with all of the children & staff at Keirungi Children’s Village. Our hearts are mixed with joy and sadness, but we feel relief knowing we get to say our goodbyes on such a happy note.

Happy Hands...

Enough Said:)

Mom has wowed the staff by providing chicken for the big Easter feast we will share. Chicken is a favorite for almost everyone, as it is the most expensive meat and the screams they squealed knowing they would get to indulge in such a treat ,were heard by all! The children share in this excitement, but it is the new tradition that has them giddy with anticipation. Yesterday we colored boiled eggs, a tradition we celebrated when I was growing up. Everyone was properly amazed! Witnessing their faces, curiosity, wonder, excitement, it was truly special.

Amanya Denis was so proud of his egg!!

Shalom Beauty (little lady) LOVES Nunu!!

When Mom explained that “the children will color the eggs, then we will hide them and the children would find them”, Medius said with wide eyes “ahhh, you’ll hide the children!!”….we all laughed hysterically until tears filled our eyes.

Mukaaka (Grandmother) & abaana (children)!

So, now we are off, goodies in tow, smiles on our faces and mixed feelings in our hearts. It is my hope that you understand why my words are few today.

We are all wishing each and every one of you, a VERY Happy Easter! A special thank you to all that have supported us in every way during this journey. My next update will be done stateside….

Murchison Falls National Park

Webare Munonga!

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