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Greetings to our like minded community!!

Gardenia Lovers Gift Set

Gardenia Lover Gift Set

Well, it’s that time of year again…the Holiday Season has been kicked off and the shopping craze is in full swing. As I sat talking to an old, dear friend of mine we were taken back by the brutal nature of Black Friday. I get it, we all want to save a buck, but at what cost? This year I have challenged myself to either make gifts from my own two (mostly capable) hands, OR purchase gifts from a small business, a talented artist or a company that is really giving back. Sure, it takes some research, a little trust and sacrifice. Maybe there won’t be as many gifts to give & receive, but do we really need all that stuff? How much gets pushed under our children’s beds, packed in a box or forgotten after a month?

Gift giving has always resonated deep with me. It’s not just the smile of the one who received the gift. Rather, it starts from the very beginning, for me. I’ll take any excuse to give a gift and this is why…people inspire me. People of all walks of life, ages, colors, cultures, sexualities, friends, families, someone who looks like they just need something. BUT, it’s that something that sparks my imagination. How does this person inspire me? That’s the inception of my gift giving. Inspiration. What can I give that will not only bring them joy, have a use, touch another persons life (Fair Trade!) and make them feel special. Who are they and what can I give them to enrich their life? Some will argue material things are of no importance, that may be true to some, but for me wearing a piece of jewelry that was given or sporting a handmade bag someone created with meaning,¬† inspires me. There is no contradiction here…sometimes it feels good, to look and feel incredible and sometimes something on the outside can help bring that special spark out on the inside.

So, how do we go up to bat with modern day gift giving? Think of the person, ask yourself “what do I love about that person” or “what about that person inspires me”, then make a conscious effort to spend your money AND make a difference, somehow. That doesn’t mean only purchasing fair trade or an expensive piece of art. It can mean anything you want it to, as long as it is positive for them, for you, for our earth and all who inhabit it…or at least we can try our very best. Lets give gifts that mean something, Lets rally together and bring awareness, love and quality back to our gifts. Lets support the talented artist & artisans of the world, keeping their talents & traditions alive.

Would I love you to buy our wonderful, thought out, good for you and good for our earth JACARA¬† products, OF COURSE! But, that’s not what this is about. It’s about all of us, for we at JACARA believe we are all connected.

Because I’m so passionate about this, I’ve share a few companies that I absolutely adore, for many reasons, it’s up to you to find out why!

SIMPLY GRATEFUL is owned and operated by an extraordinary woman that has dedicated her life to giving back. SIMPLY GRATEFUL has taken greetings cards to a whole new level, creating them out of 100% recycled FSC certified wood sources with beautiful photographs, creating a piece of art within the card itself. To make this company even sweeter, she gives back to organizations & causes she believes in AND you can customize! Does it get any better for us card lovers?!

Dos Manos is a rockin ‘Funktional Art Gallery’ in Anchorage Alaska that always makes my heart skip a beat. The women running this place are amazing people that have created a store that truly supports ‘shop local , shop handmade’. From their beautiful three story gallery space, featuring ultra talented Alaskan artists (along with a stunning additional gallery room) to the handmade jewelery worth drooling over, handmade pottery, local clothing concepts and everything in between. You are bound to find something for someone, or everyone and most likely yourself.

BARNABAS Clothing Company… is a new and local clothing company in Pasadena I stumbled upon and it’s AWESOME!! Their concept is taking an integral part of our lives (clothing) and allowing it to impact others all around the world. They’re teamed up with the non-profit organization¬† “Living Room International”, donating 10% of ALL SALES to help better the lives of individuals with terminal illnesses in Kenya. Even the tag on each piece of clothing is a reminder of how your gift to someone else, or yourself has made a difference. Bottom line, I’ve only touched on the great things this local company is doing. PLEASE check them out…oh, and they’re having a deal for Cyber Monday!

Toms Shoes…you caught me, this isn’t anything new, but I sure am a sucker when it comes to One for One. Buy a pair of cute, hip, corky or sexy shoes and KNOW that a pair of shoes is being donated to someone, somewhere in the world, starting with our own country. Brilliant. I have a soft spot for their mouth watering patterns and consistently new styles. But, it doesn’t end there, buy a pair of sunglasses and give someone the gift of eyesight. I have terrible eyesight and I can’t imagine having to live without the gift of seeing. Lastly, Toms has launched an exciting new concept Marketplace, believing that commerce can be more than just profits. So, they’ve given some incredibly talented social entrepreneurs a platform to help them succeed AND make a difference doing it. Love this!

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Whats your favorite company that gives back, supports local, sustainable, artisans and makes a difference? We want to hear from you!

Happy Holidays to our collectively conscious community,