Holiday shopping that makes a difference!!!

  Greetings to our like minded community!! Well, it’s that time of year again…the Holiday Season has been kicked off and the shopping craze is in full swing. As I sat talking to an old, dear friend of mine we were taken back by the brutal nature of Black Friday. I get it, we all […]

Farewell Fiji!!!

  Bula Vinaka,   Post volunteering tends to be a reflective and important time to me. It’s during the weeks after I’ve returned from another country that I start to process what I actually experienced. I begin to learn from the lessons I was taught (usually unintentional) and see my trip both as a whole, […]

Fiji Welcomes Cathy!!

  Bula Vinaka!! Just after Jared departed I welcomed Mom to Fiji, which was a wonderful way to continue our journey, as a family. After a long trip she was warmly greeted with a genuine “welcome home Cathy”, but it was walk to the beach under the hot sun that helped her feel the heartbeat […]

Our First Two Weeks Volunteering In Fiji!

  Bula Vinaka! So much has happened and I find myself frozen, I can‘t possibly share all we’ve done, but I desperately want to. Though after two weeks in Fiji it feels great visiting my old trusty keys, tapping away experiences and memories. What to share, where do I start… I search my head for […]

JACARA Volunters in Fiji!

Bula (Hello)! I’m back again to share yet another (what I know will be) epic experience with each and every one of you. First and foremost a massive VINAKA VAKALEVU (thank you very much) is in order!! Jared and I leave tonight and Mom (Cathy) will be joining us in two weeks to volunteer for […]

First Africa, Now Fiji! JACARA Is Making A Difference!

If all goes as planned, on October 14th I will be meeting Jasmine in  the village of Vivili, near Savusavu, Fiji. Jasmine and Jared will be leaving for their journey on Sept. 26th, Jared will be staying for two weeks, while Jasmine will remain for another two weeks. She and I will once again have the opportunity to […]

Against all odds, JACARA believed!

Dearest Supporters, My written words after Africa have been silenced, as the weeks and months following my adventures I tend to be reflective & quiet. It takes time to learn how to re-enter into this society. This world of ours that is ferociously different than the one we lived in Uganda. Though our time there […]

In Africa, time is different.

Readers… As I sit in my cozy office, I look out the window & sneak a peek at the hills Southern Californian’s call, mountains. They are beautiful, snuggled up against a sparkling blue sky. The breeze coming in is quite & calm. In fact, the only sounds are birds…It’s as if I woke up from […]

Happy Easter From Uganda!

Dear Readers… It is Easter morning here in Uganda and the children patiently await their first ever, Easter egg hunt! Although that’s not the only event we will share together. Today is our last day with all of the children & staff at Keirungi Children’s Village. Our hearts are mixed with joy and sadness, but […]

A New Week In Uganda Brings BIG Surprises!

As we reach week four in Uganda our time is now running low. The pressure is heavy with the looming goodbye that will come all too quickly, but for now we’ll focus on each moment. Our days have been packed to the brim with everything that encompasses Ugandan life. Power & network have been scarce […]