Commitment to Our Earth

The JACARA Team has always had a strong commitment to our Earth and how much our current actions affect the future.  For many years on both a personal and professional level, each of us have been very passionate when it comes to the three R’s – Recycle Reduce Reuse, conserving water and avoiding the use of any product that may have a negative affect on our environment. In more recent years we have begun to purchase as many “green”  products as possible.

We work hard at only purchasing and using products that are Certified, Fair Trade, Natural and Organic.

Thus began the process of Creating Globally Aware Skin Care. When we began creating the JACARA Therapeutic Skin Care line we realized how much our new business could impact our EARTH in a very positive way. That is why JACARA is committed to creating products that not only enhance the well being of our customers, but the earth and those whom inhabit it and strictly depend upon it.

Our EARTH is what supplies us with the amazing ingredients that keep us happy and healthy. We believe in doing everything possible to ensure that our delicate system is being replenished and protected. That is why we…

  • Support sustainable farming

  • Buy only Fair-Trade ingredients –To learn more about our Fair -Trade Unrefined Shea Butter Please Visit:

  • Avoid using any ingredients that are endangered or may endanger the environment

  • Support smaller business’s that are practicing sustainable growing, fair-trade/good-trade and keep the farmers/suppliers in mind in every way.

  • Fill our Products in Glass Jars and Recycled Tubes

  • Have our labels printed on Fiberstone* tree-free/water-free paper, made of stone and printed with Soy ink.

  • Print our brochures, business cards and soap labels on recycled and or post consumer paper with soy ink.

  • Ship our products in recycled or recyclable shipping materials

  • Use  chemical free adhesives

  • It is our belief that each person deserves to be treated with respect and appreciation. The farmers and workers dedicating their lives to our EARTH must be paid accordingly and work in safe/healthy environments.

Thank you for YOUR support!