“I am writing on behalf of Jasmine Rose Gonzalez and to support the launch of her new company, Jacara, a therapeutic skin care line. Her parents are involved in the founding and running of her company too. I knew her as a charming, intelligent student at the College of Botanical Healing Arts where she graduated in 2009. She relished the study of essential oils, herbs, and nutrition for healthy living and preventative medicine. Her parents were always there, supporting her progress through the program. I, as her teacher, enjoyed seeing her wisdom grow in working with clients, creating effective blends, and in connecting with plants for healing. I’m sure her new organic skin care line reflects some of the knowledge and experience she received at COBHA. The products are also most likely imbued with family love and loyalty. I hope to experience some product soon. I send congratulations and blessings!”

-Elizabeth Jones

Director of the College of Botanical Healing Arts & Author of new book, “Awaken to Healing Fragrance


“I am so unbelievably excited for the launch of JACARA! Finally, a product made with the “whole” consumer in mind. I have known Jasmine, Cathy and Ramon for 8 years. They are the love and light that makes this world go round. This family is full of talent and determination and if I were to trust anybody with my life, it would be them! I am relieved that a line of skin care products has been created using quality ingredients with precise execution. I celebrate the dreams and successes of the Gonzalez family. Nobody deserves the support and love more than them.”

-Aly Purott,

Actress, Event Planner and New Mom


“I’ve had the privileged opportunity to sample/test JACARA’S signature product, Gaia’s Secret and have had great results on my dry, cracked hands. The cream helped heal and soften my skin overnight, with long lasting effects, and only one application each day. Because of the natural ingredients, I have not experienced any adverse reactions on my sensitive skin that I’ve had with other store-bought creams and lotions.

Knowing the Gonzalez family and their honest, caring, and passionate demeanor, I know they’re putting their heart and soul into their products with the sincere intention of helping others and making a positive difference in this world. I highly recommend Gaia’s Secret to those who suffer from chronic dry skin and I can’t wait to try their other products. But as they say, don’t take my word for it; try it yourself. Their product speaks for itself.”

-Dimitriy Levitsky

New Product Program Manager, Cisco Systems


“A quality product by quality people.  What more can you ask for than a small family business run by really good people.  People that place product quality, value to the customer, and customer satisfaction above profit.  The Gonzalez family has a life commitment to natural health care and environmentally friendly living.  Ramon has dedicated his life to delivering quality services and products that promote healing and healthy lifestyle.  These products embody that dedication and commitment.”

-Wendy and Dave ,

Owners of Kayak Adventures www.kayakak.com