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Holiday Soap Set-Out Of Stock

Includes 2 bars of soap, raime soap sack and folding soap dish!

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Gardenia Lover Gift Set

Created for the Gardenia Lover! All our Gardenia product bundled in one package. Bundle includes: Large Gardenia’s Shea Butter, Small Gardenia’s Body Oil and Gardenia’s Body Scrub!

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Homemade Soap Dish

The idea behind this design is not only beautifully handmade, but it is practical AND helps conserve our natural resources. Every year billions of single-use chopsticks are consumed annually. Even more shocking, 25 million trees and bamboo plants are used. We support this small town artist in his endeavour to re-use & recycle! You’ll surely fall in love with this elegant recycled chopstick folding soap dish, as we have!

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Raime Soap Sack

This little sack is a grand invention! It can be used to store your soap in, allowing it to last longer. It will save those small pieces that would otherwise go down the drain and is a great way to exfoliate. You’ll love the sudsy goodness it creates! This soap sack is Eco-friendly, sustainable and handmade from wild-crafted materials. An essential item to any bathroom!

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Gift Bags

Make any combination of your favorite JACARA products a gift!

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